Beton B Prints Exlibris


After the other guys I also want to show you my results for the Exlibris Exhibition on the 11th of may.

i made a beton exlibris series inspired by bauhaus aesthetics:

letterpress, made in dornbirn 09.

basic shapes mixed with “prägefest” and “futura”.

Benjamin “Das Menschliche B” Buchegger

Jürgen “Munny” Friesinger

Ole “The Destructiviser” Hofmann

Thomann Moor

Daniel “Das Auto” Car

This one is for a friend of mine who likes to collect beautiful books…

thats him etched in copper, with some space for notes  (he has a lot to tell about many of his collectibles).

and one for the austrian filmmaker ulrich seidl.

Instrucions in four languages via chaintranslation ( translation from translation from … )

2 Responses to “Beton B Prints Exlibris”

  1. moorus Says:

    wirklich alle sehr schön

  2. kunstmode Says:

    i love your goddamn work.

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