Special Double Feature at Vorgartenmarkt


Last week I had a Super-8/Poster exhibition at the Silo im August at Vorgartenmarkt, Vienna – hosted by Yvonne and Christina

We, Miriam Raneburger and me showed 2 Super8 Movies which were shot in Lemberg, Ucraine and Vienna. The concept of the project was to adjust to the given possibilities and create something out of as little as possible. Early madeasy (zufall) became our third man. In the beginning we just agreed on making an analog film, a mini-film-theater and we wanted to smirch our hand – the topic of our comparison was consumption. But instead of focusing on critic of the different consume-behaviours – we wanted to see what happens when we just go with the flow and don’t think too much.

The outcome were two movies in which you see a person – once Miriam and once myself – rushing through the corridors of a supermakt in lemberg and vienna looking for the ingriedients of the national dishes. For each film we only had 3 min. time so we had to be fast and also we weren’t allowed to film so the camerman/woman, had to hide the filmcamera – which worked without a battery to every now and then you had to wind it up. The movie title-sequence was handwritten with a chalk and filmed, we cut it in Graz with ochoresotto who also lent us their projector.

At the Exhibition we built a filmtheater out of left over boxes from the surrounding market. There was space for three people who had to wear headphone and press “play” at my commando to listen to the soundtrack.

We also sold Posters which we printed by coloring all the products we bought during our trip to lemberg ( It was very bad weather so you see second hand shoes, a thermophore little glasses, etc.). The information was put up by silkscreen printing. If you wanted to buy a poster who had to throw a dice. If you threw Vienna you paid 20 euroes, if Lemberg 5.

It was an incredibly fun evening. Thanks to everyone. Especially Miriam, Yvonne and Christina and ochoresotto.

more pictures by gerry rohrmoser —-> http://www.rohrmoser.co.at/data/web_silo/index.html

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