Making of…


As one is confronted with the possibility to produce a video for the next befriended Indie – band, or in this case beat producer, the guidelines always sound pretty similar. “Produce a video in short time, with the lowest budget possible and let your inner artistic feeling thrive = make it a good promo stunt“ The task was also quite alike when Christoph aka. Minor Sick and Chantal first approached us with the request to evolve our visual skills from mere stilled graphic arrangements to the moving image.

Videos Inside!

As nobody of us three neither the artists themselves has had any experience with video or even film (Okay, Ole already did a few video productions as a camera man), we took these requirements for the typical indie video and turned them around, as all tries to expand budget or to lend equipment failed after no effort at all – we even made it harder for us – mere self-flagellation – shoot a video in a day, don’t use any professional camera equipment, cut it live to the music, use as few post production methods as possible (except image improvements) and make it still the greatest indie-super-hyper video ever done.
So as it always has been our credo to only use what we got in our closest surrounding we just took a look. The second reason we went out without any plan were the endless artistic discussions, which in the end only helped to finally surface the power structures and relations within our group than to bring out any basic idea for a music video.

So we ended up going out on a rainy late august afternoon, shooting small clips of everything and nothing, running around in the children’s playground, riding around on our bikes putting together our hands, like the big directors do, to find the most powerful image possible, as Christoph decided to use his most heartfelt song for the video.

Beamer setup for the first session at Chrispy's appartment

Beamer setup for the final recording session
(It was pretty unexpected how the usage of two different beamers affected
the look of the video)

The final task was now to give these clips and images some final meaning and coherence to call it a music video. And as we up till now did very rarely we took the technical way to create a thing we call »Super8.2.0«.
Not in the fashion as it was trendy at the end of this decade to fuck up your images through digital compression, not like others who try to achieve a »Super 8« feeling with some digital post-production effects – no, we tried to hold on to the original idea of Super 8 – cheap film making – but this time through digital means. So at last we found ourselves overlapping images through projecting them with two different beamers, cutting from one clip to another and slowing them down by using the MAC OS X preview and at last filming this process with a lent HD camera to produce this Digi-Super 8 distorted feel. The idea lies in the technical approach, which is in the end pretty unusual for us – but “the approach”, looking back in history, was always forerunner for many other great ideas.

But see and judge yourself.

Benni practicing his fingertechnic - slowing down and speeding up the clip
See how Benni skips through the footage by using the Mac OS X preview function

Some impressions of the first session

One of the great stills which happened by accident
See how it should not work

The client observing...
... and collaborating. See his great masterpiece "Clash of the Buses" which
didn't make it into the video due to format problems

Typisch Beton
Another Version of the final video, Ole and Dan on the cut
(Excuse the bad sound, but we wanted to keep it as original as it gets, 
including shit talk and cheering)
The final version

Equipment List
Cameras used for shooting footage: iPhone 3GS, Lumix in two different versions, Ricoh R9 (whatever)

Beamers used: BenQ, Toshiba and a big HD model

Camera used for filming the projection: Canon 5D (Thanks to Clara Wolf)


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    […] … also published a very detailed blog entry about the “Making Of” to my “Life Insurance Lies in Anti N” Video. See how they developed the idea, the technical approach and why it is not mandatory to have any artistic plan for such a video. Also check out my “Clash of the buses” contained in the entry. –> Here we go […]

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