The Cage N°1


Typedesign needs time. Time is rare. So, we decided to take some time off and concentrate 2 days just on making type. Without any stress or obligations. And to get really into it, we locked us away, not from everything, but at least from fresh air (-> The Cage). We invited Igor Labudovic and Michael Hager to join our circle. For their diploma Igor and Michael created some great stencilfonts from which Igor released Brilliant, a humanstic stencil-textface with strong cuts. Currently both of them are working on new typefaces to finish the Meisterklasse at die graphische in Vienna.

Michael polished his ‘Skandal’ – on the left, that’s him.

In the front Daniel’s A. Igor in the back.

Igor worked on his ‘Feder’ Typeface.

Daniel gave his ‘Ziegel Mono’ some big steps forward, and a load of stylistic elements.


Benjamin got hot on ‘Pharmacia Text’.

Ole worked on ‘Pharmacia Head’. Another charming headlinefont.


3 Responses to “The Cage N°1”

  1. invisibly Says:

    handsome uppercase q in the last example!

  2. Oleksandr Hnatenko Says:

    OH! likes the stencil stuff

  3. Lisa Says:

    indeed, very nice!

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