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15. September 2011

So here it is. Perle inked on Valentin. Currently they are travelling the US – have it good!


Football Aesthetics

15. September 2011

While watching the Europa League game Lok Moscow vs. Sturm Graz, Moscows jersey caught my eye. I think typography, cut and colors create a pretty nice over-all look. Fresh! (The white one.)


Perle in use

29. August 2011

Perle’s debut … inked … forever … and ever. @majesticmood

Big Apple

25. August 2011

Hipstamatic and “Die Presse am Sonntag”

16. August 2011

The cover photo in this weeks ‘Die Presse am Sonntag’ was obviously shot with an iPhone and the pretty well hyped app ‘Hipstamatic’. Is this goin’ to be the future?


Notes of Berlin

26. July 2011

Seems like Berlinians like to put their thoughts out on the street. Nice.
Notes of Berlin 

Maybe I should send that in as well… 😉

Dear Google Image Search…

24. July 2011

Long time no post. This ends right here. Check out Dear Blank Please Blank to waste some minutes of your life with a big smile on your face. (Especially the Hilarious section…)

Sincerely, Beton

PS: Ha, it actually said ‘That was not what I was looking for…)

Life is a journey.

3. April 2011

Beton Numerals Exhibition

6. February 2011

Get yourself a drink, press play and experience the first exhibition in our very own online white cube. Thanks again to all participiants without whom this project would not have been possible. We have designed a poster with a numeral of everyone who participated, you will be informed where and when to get them.  Enjoy! (more…)

Beton Numerals – Call for Entries

23. January 2011

We would like to invite you to join our little ‘Numerals’ exhibition. Inspired by Letter Cult‘s Alphabattle, we are searching for your visual interpretations of a number you like (whether it’s 3, 7 or 25, even 6.987 is possible).

After deadline, we will host a ‘digital exhibition’ at, featuring all your work, your names, websites, portfolios etc. If you like, send us some additional words about your submission, what inspired you, why you took this particular number… we will publish this as well.