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25. August 2011

Valerio Di Lucente (Italy), Erwan Lhuissier (France) and Hugo Timm (Brazil) are the London based Studio “Julia”. They produce beautiful books, typefaces, record sleeves … graphic design.



Formen Lesen

1. August 2011

Formen Lesen – ein Plädoyer für besuwßte Gestaltung von Paulus M. Dreibholz.


Gaston Isoz

24. July 2011

Book design by Gaston Isoz (another great student of Jost Hochuli)

Three Piece Dust Jacket

13. April 2011

McSweeny’s artist Jordan Crane created this beautifully illustrated dust jacket for Michael Chabon’s Book “Maps and Legends”. (more…)

Joost Grootens’ Atlases

13. April 2011

I just discovered Joost grootens trough an article in Eye Mgazine 78. He is the designer of beautiful books dealing with visualisation of information. Great Stuff.


Jost Hochuli’s Typotron-Heft Series

9. January 2011

Jost Hochuli initiated the Typotron-Heft series, where he was responsible not only for the design but also for the content. Here are some beautiful shots of some of them. (more…)

Koninklijke Bookcovers

24. December 2010

The BibliOdyssey blog culls the best hand-bound book covers scanned from The National Library of the Netherlands, which has over 12,000 such books in its extensive collection. (via coolhunting)