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Remo Muratore for Kardex

3. November 2011


Product-catalogues for “Kardex” designed by Remo Muratore while working for Studio Boggeri in the 1940s. Early form of information design, strong colors and straight photography give them a remarkable and pleasant taste. Let’s go and get some bussiness office furniture!



Henryk Tomaszewski

25. October 2011

Mega-Poster des polnischen Posterkünstlers Henryk Tomaszewski. Unten auch ein Link zu einer Poster-Diashow von 111 Postern. (more…)


17. October 2011

das showreel des “bureau mirko borsche”. so sieht grafikdesign momentan aus.

Concrete City Illustration

2. September 2011

Some weeks ago I started to work on an illustration. The idea was to create an ornamental city just with some basic forms and lines, where you can discover a lot of details. To work with this illustration style was so relaxing, that I decided to go on with it. Be prepared for some other stuff in future!


Perle in use

29. August 2011

Perle’s debut … inked … forever … and ever. @majesticmood

Schöne Perle

29. August 2011

A new typeface in the making. Inspired by good food and a sweet weekend with fun in the sun.



25. August 2011

Valerio Di Lucente (Italy), Erwan Lhuissier (France) and Hugo Timm (Brazil) are the London based Studio “Julia”. They produce beautiful books, typefaces, record sleeves … graphic design.


The Pfäfflis

2. August 2011

I don’t know for sure if they are brothers but they are both from Luzern and share the same last name. Mathis and Felix Pfaeffli design beautiful, contemporary posters for SÜDPOL a so called Musik Tanz Theater in Luzern. Really, really love their style! Mathis Pfaeffli -> Felix Pfaeffli -> (more…)

Formen Lesen

1. August 2011

Formen Lesen – ein Plädoyer für besuwßte Gestaltung von Paulus M. Dreibholz.


Gaston Isoz

24. July 2011

Book design by Gaston Isoz (another great student of Jost Hochuli)