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Concrete City Illustration

2. September 2011

Some weeks ago I started to work on an illustration. The idea was to create an ornamental city just with some basic forms and lines, where you can discover a lot of details. To work with this illustration style was so relaxing, that I decided to go on with it. Be prepared for some other stuff in future!



Big Apple

25. August 2011

Beton Numerals Exhibition

6. February 2011

Get yourself a drink, press play and experience the first exhibition in our very own online white cube. Thanks again to all participiants without whom this project would not have been possible. We have designed a poster with a numeral of everyone who participated, you will be informed where and when to get them.  Enjoy! (more…)


21. January 2011


The programmer of the Sign-Generator also brought us “Hector” the portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers.


Finsta Graphics

3. December 2010

Back in vienna. the city smells wonderful and i escaped the worst two months of the year so i can really enjoy winter for the first in many years! well, as winter is cold i tried to buy a pair of (more…)