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Slugabed – Moonbeam Rider

24. June 2011

Ninja Tune’s artist Slugabeds new video by Steve Smith. Outer space pixel destruction.
Awesome, great! Watch full screen!


Ghostly International

18. June 2011

Just came arcoss Gold Panda and Shigeto’s Label “Ghostly International” and like their artwork, love their music.

Shigeto – Full Circle Remixes


Pale Sketcher – Seventh Heaven EP


Gold Panda – Companion



Beton loves Ice Cream

25. May 2011
Limited Edition Vinyl of the album “Ice Cream” by The Battles… Music and artwork for hot days!

Francis International Airport / Rainer Spangl

14. January 2011

I really like Francis International Airport’s new album “In the Woods” (2010). The music is great, gives me the thrills – the whole album sounds exceptional. As graphic designer of course the outer appearance is of interest as well. And I must say the coverartwork really blew me away. It shows a detail out of a painting by the viennese painter Rainer Spangl (more below). If you take a look at his other paintings the choice definetly makes sence in connection with the album’s title. (more…)

Selection 2010

31. December 2010


14. December 2010

… wenn der Zeitgeist schreckt.

Sehnsucht mit Feiervorwand Fr. 10.12.

9. December 2010


Beton likes Music

3. December 2010

And another fast one… (you know where I got it from…?)

Boicut x minor Sick x Rotfilter

3. December 2010

Mr. Dude himself Frizzle aykayay Boicut painted a wall at the Rotfilter Studios. Well done. He posted this video documentation with music from minor Sick. Check it out! It f***in’ rocks!

For more information about the painting action,
click on the vimeo logo!

Making of…

9. November 2010

As one is confronted with the possibility to produce a video for the next befriended Indie – band, or in this case beat producer, the guidelines always sound pretty similar. “Produce a video in short time, with the lowest budget possible and let your inner artistic feeling thrive = make it a good promo stunt“ The task was also quite alike when Christoph aka. Minor Sick and Chantal first approached us with the request to evolve our visual skills from mere stilled graphic arrangements to the moving image.

Videos Inside!