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Web Pick of the Week 3: Information is Beautiful

19. September 2010

Our third Web Pick of the Week is all about visualizing information:

David McCandless, a London-based author, writer and designer who wrote (more…)


Web Pick of the Week 2:

15. February 2010

Mister Moriarty has sent us a link to this wonderful page,
After trying, we decided it is worth for the Web Pick of the Week 2.
Check it out, and don’t forget to click!
Thanks Moe.

Beton Web Pick of the Week 1: Chatroulette

4. February 2010

Now we have arrived in WeirdoWorld 2.0 Check out this freaking site and be aware… it’s hard to get off !Haha! You just start and get connected randomly to a complete stranger via webcam…