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7. December 2011

Dear readers, followers, friends and colleagues,

Things have changed the last weeks and business is getting serious. So we decided to refresh our website and integrate our wordpress-blog. If you want to keep following our blog, visit our new website: Expect a lot nice stuff in future there!


Football Aesthetics

15. September 2011

While watching the Europa League game Lok Moscow vs. Sturm Graz, Moscows jersey caught my eye. I think typography, cut and colors create a pretty nice over-all look. Fresh! (The white one.)


Crying Men

14. September 2011

Sam Taylor-Woods, an english filmmaker and photographer, probably best known for her debut film ‘Nowhere Boy’, a portrait of John Lennon, shot this photography series of crying hollywood stars. The tears shown are actually forced, but create kind of a strange, somehow true feeling. I like them, especially the Michael Madsen one, I think he is one of hollywood’s coolest.

Michael Madsen

Steve Buscemi

Big Apple

25. August 2011

Hipstamatic and “Die Presse am Sonntag”

16. August 2011

The cover photo in this weeks ‘Die Presse am Sonntag’ was obviously shot with an iPhone and the pretty well hyped app ‘Hipstamatic’. Is this goin’ to be the future?


Notes of Berlin

26. July 2011

Seems like Berlinians like to put their thoughts out on the street. Nice.
Notes of Berlin 

Maybe I should send that in as well… 😉

Gaston Isoz

24. July 2011

Book design by Gaston Isoz (another great student of Jost Hochuli)

Dear Google Image Search…

24. July 2011

Long time no post. This ends right here. Check out Dear Blank Please Blank to waste some minutes of your life with a big smile on your face. (Especially the Hilarious section…)

Sincerely, Beton

PS: Ha, it actually said ‘That was not what I was looking for…)

Ever wondered…

16. June 2011

…how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s letterhead looked like back in 1989? Than you should definetely check out letterheady, a quite nice collection of interesting letterheads from people like Andy Warhol, Paul Rand or David Bowie.

… and the killer from Saul Bass


The Nine Eyes of Google Streetview

13. April 2011

Moments of Strangeness. Check out Jon Rafman’s collection of Google Streetview scenes.