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Ever wondered…

16. June 2011

…how Arnold Schwarzenegger’s letterhead looked like back in 1989? Than you should definetely check out letterheady, a quite nice collection of interesting letterheads from people like Andy Warhol, Paul Rand or David Bowie.

… and the killer from Saul Bass



Beton Numerals Exhibition

6. February 2011

Get yourself a drink, press play and experience the first exhibition in our very own online white cube. Thanks again to all participiants without whom this project would not have been possible. We have designed a poster with a numeral of everyone who participated, you will be informed where and when to get them.  Enjoy! (more…)

Beton Numerals Submission Deadline Prolonged

1. February 2011

For the ones who are already waiting for the Numerals Exhibition. We decided to prolong the submission-time until thursday due to organizing difficulties and new ideas how to present your creations. We already received 25 numbers. We still accept your submissions. We know that there are still some of you out there who are either to vain, self-critical, telling themselves not to find the time or really couldn’t. Here is your chance to make us and yourself happy by giving us your number!


Beton Numerals – Call for Entries

23. January 2011

We would like to invite you to join our little ‘Numerals’ exhibition. Inspired by Letter Cult‘s Alphabattle, we are searching for your visual interpretations of a number you like (whether it’s 3, 7 or 25, even 6.987 is possible).

After deadline, we will host a ‘digital exhibition’ at, featuring all your work, your names, websites, portfolios etc. If you like, send us some additional words about your submission, what inspired you, why you took this particular number… we will publish this as well.



21. January 2011


The programmer of the Sign-Generator also brought us “Hector” the portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers.


The Cage N°1

7. January 2011

Typedesign needs time. Time is rare. So, we decided to take some time off and concentrate 2 days just on making type. Without any stress or obligations. And to get really into it, we locked us away, not from everything, but at least from fresh air (-> The Cage). We invited Igor Labudovic and Michael Hager to join our circle. For their diploma Igor and Michael created some great stencilfonts from which Igor released Brilliant, a humanstic stencil-textface with strong cuts. Currently both of them are working on new typefaces to finish the Meisterklasse at die graphische in Vienna.


Market Working Session

29. December 2010

It’s way after ‘middlenight’, the B and the O are still kickin’ out some
Po-ho-sters for the club. Freeze, the man in the computer, is with us.

Legacy of Letters

17. December 2010

I couldn’t resist to post this. Luca Barcellona has some skills.

via ilovetypography

Blades of Osaka

9. December 2010

Due to the fact, that yesterday I got a new cutter (I lose mine every half a year), I was researching a bit about the heritage of my ‘first choice’ cutting knives, charming named as Olfa cutters.
What I didn’t know about Olfa, is that they invented the break-off-the-blade system, and hey, it was inspired by a chocolate bar. So, if you like cutting and crafting, check out the Olfa site for some background information about the history of their knives, I think they do it in a really pleasant way. (Where does the name Olfa come from, and why are their knives yellow?)

Welcome to as

14. November 2010

The guys from designed this invitation for the “Galerie Kabinet”. They put the briefing from the client on it.
I love this style of humor…