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Football Aesthetics

15. September 2011

While watching the Europa League game Lok Moscow vs. Sturm Graz, Moscows jersey caught my eye. I think typography, cut and colors create a pretty nice over-all look. Fresh! (The white one.)



Terry Gilliam

9. December 2010

Here are some animations of  Monty Pythons’s Terry Gilliam. The American born artist came to London in ’67. The only englishman he knew was John Cleese, (more…)

Milton Glaser

4. December 2010

I’ve been studying some of Glasers work while I was away. Found this Video. I love the why style and clarity come together so easily in his work. Inspiring. (more…)

Finsta Graphics

3. December 2010

Back in vienna. the city smells wonderful and i escaped the worst two months of the year so i can really enjoy winter for the first in many years! well, as winter is cold i tried to buy a pair of (more…)

Making of…

9. November 2010

As one is confronted with the possibility to produce a video for the next befriended Indie – band, or in this case beat producer, the guidelines always sound pretty similar. “Produce a video in short time, with the lowest budget possible and let your inner artistic feeling thrive = make it a good promo stunt“ The task was also quite alike when Christoph aka. Minor Sick and Chantal first approached us with the request to evolve our visual skills from mere stilled graphic arrangements to the moving image.

Videos Inside!


Brasilien Report 2010

31. October 2010

This is my first report from Sao Paulo, Brazil. I’ve been here for three weeks now.  It should give you a glimpse into the visual language of one of the wordl’s most multicultural cities.

Boicut Exhibition

30. September 2010

Our dude Boicut is hittin’ the Inoperable Gallery with his first solo show on October 14th 2010 (Starting at 19:00). He will show his latest work, including most of his famous customized daily objects. Mark it in your schedule, or you will miss a lotta shit.

How web could look like

7. September 2010

…cause some time ago, we talked about craftsmen. Take a look at this beautiful, straight, clean and yeah, a bit ‘hipster’ website.

Your business card is crap!

7. May 2010

NY 8-bit pixel invasion!

9. April 2010