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Reality Sucks

2. September 2011

New Orleans based artist Dan Tague discovered some hidden messages on dollar bills.
Check out other examples on his website!


FAME Festival

24. August 2011

Megagood street-art festival in the south of Italy. My favourite pieces:

by NUG


The Nine Eyes of Google Streetview

13. April 2011

Moments of Strangeness. Check out Jon Rafman’s collection of Google Streetview scenes.


Julien Berthier

22. March 2011

To late to write more, but check out Julien Berthier.

Beton Numerals Exhibition

6. February 2011

Get yourself a drink, press play and experience the first exhibition in our very own online white cube. Thanks again to all participiants without whom this project would not have been possible. We have designed a poster with a numeral of everyone who participated, you will be informed where and when to get them.  Enjoy! (more…)


21. January 2011


The programmer of the Sign-Generator also brought us “Hector” the portable Spray-paint Output Device for laptop computers.


The Sign-Generator

21. January 2011

The swiss design-team Norm worked together with Jürg Lehni to create the Sign-Generator with which you can developed a range of basic letter-like forms on a 3×3 grid. (more…)

Francis International Airport / Rainer Spangl

14. January 2011

I really like Francis International Airport’s new album “In the Woods” (2010). The music is great, gives me the thrills – the whole album sounds exceptional. As graphic designer of course the outer appearance is of interest as well. And I must say the coverartwork really blew me away. It shows a detail out of a painting by the viennese painter Rainer Spangl (more below). If you take a look at his other paintings the choice definetly makes sence in connection with the album’s title. (more…)

Wendy White

10. January 2011

Today I watched Wendy Whites website and discovered some newer works playing with typography. Very nice!


Legacy of Letters

17. December 2010

I couldn’t resist to post this. Luca Barcellona has some skills.

via ilovetypography