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Crying Men

14. September 2011

Sam Taylor-Woods, an english filmmaker and photographer, probably best known for her debut film ‘Nowhere Boy’, a portrait of John Lennon, shot this photography series of crying hollywood stars. The tears shown are actually forced, but create kind of a strange, somehow true feeling. I like them, especially the Michael Madsen one, I think he is one of hollywood’s coolest.

Michael Madsen

Steve Buscemi


Hipstamatic and “Die Presse am Sonntag”

16. August 2011

The cover photo in this weeks ‘Die Presse am Sonntag’ was obviously shot with an iPhone and the pretty well hyped app ‘Hipstamatic’. Is this goin’ to be the future?


The Nine Eyes of Google Streetview

13. April 2011

Moments of Strangeness. Check out Jon Rafman’s collection of Google Streetview scenes.


Beton Numerals Exhibition

6. February 2011

Get yourself a drink, press play and experience the first exhibition in our very own online white cube. Thanks again to all participiants without whom this project would not have been possible. We have designed a poster with a numeral of everyone who participated, you will be informed where and when to get them.  Enjoy! (more…)

Christof Moderbacher Photography

3. December 2010

Today I checked a friends portfoliosite with whom I worked with several times. Haven’t seen the photos for a while now. I was stunned – its really fun to look trough the photos especially when you are from vienna. Great instinct. street photography at its best and analog … love it. Greetz to Emmo. – website music again by minor sick


How web could look like

7. September 2010

…cause some time ago, we talked about craftsmen. Take a look at this beautiful, straight, clean and yeah, a bit ‘hipster’ website.

“In den Zillertaler Alpen”

10. May 2010

by Hank Schmidt in der Beek

I love his shirts!


Beton loves black and white

5. April 2010

Beautiful analog photography by vienna based travelling man matthias aschauer -> blog.

Gothic vs. Modernism

24. March 2010

Check out Rob Carters work! To late to wright more about it!

Dreaming Out Loud.

20. March 2010

Our classmate Kerstin runs a blog about sewing, drawing, bookbinding, painting and of course a lot of (analogue) photographing. Check out an ‘invisibly sneak peek’ into her work!