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Three Piece Dust Jacket

13. April 2011

McSweeny’s artist Jordan Crane created this beautifully illustrated dust jacket for Michael Chabon’s Book “Maps and Legends”. (more…)


Superhero Supply

12. December 2010

If you ever find yourself in the need of some ‘extra power’, then you definitely should check out the Superhero Supply Shoppe over in Brooklyn, NY. They stock loads of upgrading products for every crimefighting or rescue action you can imagine. From capes and invisibly suits to immortality or even mutation catalysts (Claws for Hands, etc.).

Nice artwork and big FUN!

Thanks to Superdude Boicut for reminding me!

Website Update

26. November 2010

If you haven’t noticed it already, we have our website online. I just updated it with some fresh work, the EP artwork for the Red Eyed Criminals. I’m pretty happy with the outcome. The photography for the EP was done, again, by Josef Gassebner, who always have some good ideas in his mind!

Beside that, our good friend Rocketboy made a wonderful little documentary-like video about the recording sessions at the famous REC rehearsal site. She is also working on some own tracks at the moment, I’ll give you a shoutout when she is ready to show it to the world.

Click the picture to watch the video on Myspace.
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We are busy.

10. June 2010

Beton Ole prints Exlibris.

6. April 2010

After Drippin’ Dan, i’m on the run to show you some of my printed Exlibris. Robert Mang is an expert for alarm systems and security adviser : )


Beton prints Exlibris #2

12. March 2010

Today I finished the Exlibris for Franz Viehböck, an austrian astronaut.


Vintage Soda Packaging

10. March 2010

And as a little bonus for your eyes…
Check out for this kinda stuff

Album Artwork Freeway & Jake One

7. February 2010

well done packaging design // dem po zuliebe

3. February 2010

hey dudes!

i was in the drug store today and found this awesome package of moistened toilet paper. first weird thing is that they have a puppy on every product. second funny thing is the cursor…check it out…this one made my afternoon  🙂